Police look for armed robbery suspects that fled scene of deadly crash

Crews were called out to repair the light pole that was damaged in the crash.
Crews were called out to repair the light pole that was damaged in the crash.
Elvin Dunn, Jr.
Elvin Dunn, Jr.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Police are looking for three suspected armed robbers that are also accused of running away from the scene of a deadly crash late Monday night.

The Baton Rouge Police Department identified the victim of the wreck as Elvin Dunn Jr., 37, of Baton Rouge.  Family of Dunn say he was likely on his way home from work.  Dunn was an employee at the Belle of Baton Rouge.

According to investigators, Dunn was thrown out of his 1989 Lincoln Towncar after it was hit by a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria on North 30th Street at Fairfields Avenue around 11:30 p.m.

Neighbors who live near Dunn had a hard time dealing with the news.  Ferry Nichols, the apartment complex manager, said when police came to the complex asking questions about where Dunn lived she knew something was wrong.  She sent them to an upstairs apartment where Dunn's stepson lived.  Dunn's sisters say they found out about the accident from that stepson.

"He was like family," Patrick Harris, a neighbor said.  "Like my brother.  It's my brother that's gone."

"Like everybody else, we were asleep and didn't see the eyewitness account of it exactly, but when we came out, it was a perfect storm. One vehicle was flying, the road was wet and the other car had just pulled out there in front of a speeding car and you know what happens when one car is going 80 mph and hits a car on a slick road. It's all like that (turns around in the direction of the crash site)," Garner added.

Police said the driver and two passengers in the Crown Vic were fleeing officers when the crash happened. According to investigators, the three suspects who jumped out of the car and ran away are suspects in an armed robbery. Detectives said the crime happened on Blue Grass Drive at Glen Oaks Drive around 3:25 p.m.

Garner said it is fortunate the tragic circumstances of the crash weren't a lot worse.

"Put it like this, if it would have been another time of day and the kids would have been getting off the bus right there, it would have been a lot more fatalities than we had. If the children would have been catching the bus right there and that type of high-speed crash, everybody would have been in trouble. If that tree would not have been right there, the car may have ended up in the house," he explained.

The armed robbery and crash remain under investigation.

"If you are the one who did this please turn yourself in.  Please let the family have closure," said Harris.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 344-7867.

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