Children part of special service to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday

Modeste, LA (WAFB) - Worshippers took to the streets of Modeste, La. to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's birthday.

The civil rights leader was assassinated nearly 45 years ago at the young age of 39.

Churchgoers proudly marched along the west bank of the Mississippi River carrying pictures of slain civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Their demonstration was a celebration of honor, courage, and hope. Some of them recalled the dream that changed the nation. Others, like Dakyra Elphage, too young to remember were learning about Dr. King's movement.

"Slavery ended because of him, and he showed us that black and white could all join forces together," Elphage said.

The small procession marched into St. Philip Baptist Church where the children took center stage for a special Sunday service.

They worshipped, sang hymns of praise, and recited Dr. King's message of unity and peace.

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of this creed," one child read.

The congregation celebrates the leader's legacy every year. But Sandra Butler, the woman who organizes the program, said she wanted to get the church's youth involved this time so that they could start practicing what Dr. King preached.

"We are looking at a world of a lot of violence and we are hoping that some of this will rub off on our young people and will help us in the long run," Butler said.

She said it's the church's way of honoring a dream that should never die.

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