Cold snap took toll on farmer's market

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The frigid temperatures in December and January have taken their toll on produce down at the farmers market. Today at the Red Stick Market downtown there were several farmers not there as usual, because of the hit they took from the freezing temperatures like farmer John Chenier.

"Actually, right now we are double working ourselves, by trying to pick the best thing we have out in the field. And it is getting harder and harder to do that to stay in business. We got hit so bad by the cold that we lost 60 percent of our crop," said Chenier.

Blake Ryals is also a farmer he said the cold weather is tolerable, but his livestock is not used to the freezing conditions. He said the lack of sunshine has gotten him down a little.

"We need the sun, those days wit out the sunshine is pretty rough. We want to shine every day," said Ryals.

Chenier said although he has taken a blow, he will continue to get up and come every Saturday, because of the people.

"People here in Baton Rouge really support us. And I guess one of the reasons why I am a farmer, is because people support us. Without the people, I wouldn't be a farmer," said Chenier.

If you want to visit the market, it's every Saturday from 8am to 12pm on the corner of Main St. and Fifth St.

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