BREC unveils "Imagine Your Parks 2" strategic plan

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - BREC employees were at every turn Thursday to interact with the public and collect feedback on East Baton Rouge Parish's parks. That included BREC Superintendent Carolyn McKnight as officials try to key in on what park users like Devannon Hubert are looking for.

"I like the more active things, the horseback riding, golf, rock climbing and everything like that. The more active the better," said Hubert.

"We can't succeed unless we're giving the people what they want. This is their system so what we're doing is giving people as many opportunities as possible to come join us and tell them what they want," said Cheryl Michelet of BREC.

The feedback collected ten years ago as part of "Imagine Your Parks" according to BREC, focused on a desire for larger community parks that included better parking and lighting.  The public input ten years ago resulted in 12 community facilities like BREC's Extreme Sports Park on Perkins Road.

"They all have a different feel but they serve the same purpose, getting people to come in, get them to be active and have a good time and so many different amenities that you could literally spend the whole day there," said Michelet.

The information collected during "Imagine Your Parks 2" will incorporate the public feedback and be developed into another strategic plan to carry BREC into the next ten years. Michelet adds the final presentation of the plan is expected before the end of the year. Hubert says it speaks highly of an organization with an $80 million operating budget for 2014 alone.

"They don't have to reach out this way and so it's good they did and are continuing to do so. It worked so well 10 years ago and so they're doing it again so they're smart," said Hubert.

Thursday's meeting was the first of 34 BREC public input meetings over the next few months. A complete list of these sessions can be found by following the BREC link below.

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