BRCC officials: We have fixed the book voucher program

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There have been new complaints from Baton Rouge Community College's students about book vouchers. Yesterday, school officials said hiccups in new technology were the reason for the delays in distribution. One student said she stood in line early this morning in hopes to receive her book voucher but was told she had to wait two to three more days.

"I like for BRCC to just prepare ahead of time. And if it's going to be a delay, then give it enough time to where you're going to be sure," said the student. 

But, Steve Mitchell of School Media Relations said today's problems are not on the school. Mitchell claimed they held up their end of the stick and started passing out the vouchers to students as promised. He said those who did not get their vouchers today, may not have held up their end, by not finishing up their paperwork.

"Students may still be missing documentation or may still need to complete one of the steps of the financial aid process. Once that process is completed book vouchers will be available the next day," said Mitchell.

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