What is the Shape Up Showdown?

The 2014 WAFB Shape Up Showdown is not a contest or competition. It is a six month program that's all about helping our viewers focus on individual goals and improving long term health and fitness.

Nine motivated WAFB viewers will be selected to participate in a personal challenge to make changes in their lifestyle. Each one will get individual attention from physicians, health professionals, and a nutritionist with Ochsner of Baton Rouge.

Some common health problems in South Louisiana – high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol – can be related to family history, and heredity – so the challenge will begin with medical examinations to determine what health issues need to be addressed by each participant. Based on those results, all nine will follow recommendations to start exercising, improve their diet and set their goals for personal well-being.

It's a big commitment – and our nine Shape Up Showdown participates will get tremendous support from WAFB and the experts at Ochsner of Baton Rouge. We are now accepting applications for the 2014 Shape Up Showdown team.