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Iteam: Child literally hanging out of EBR school bus

Students can be seen hanging out the windows of an EBR School Bus (Source: Anonymous viewer) Students can be seen hanging out the windows of an EBR School Bus (Source: Anonymous viewer)

A woman driving behind school bus No. 2305 Friday afternoon snapped a picture saying she was appalled at what she saw: a boy literally hanging outside of the bus.  It was about 2:30pm on Bluebonnet Blvd. near the Mall of Louisiana.  She told the I-team "children were hanging out the bus windows, yelling at drivers in vehicles.  They were also throwing notebooks out of the windows at the car."

"That's obviously something that's not supposed to occur," said EBR School System's Executive Director for Communications Keith Bromery.  "That's the kind of behavior we will not tolerate, and if we're able to identify this driver, action will be taken."

Bromery said every school bus driver is required to go through two to six weeks of training, which includes how to handle disruptive children.  Plus, he said the school board has policies in place.

"There are rules and procedures involved in actions they are required to take if there's a disruptive situation on the bus," said Bromery.
"What happens if these school bus drivers break those policies?" asked WAFB's Kiran Chawla.
"They'll be subjected to disciplinary procedures up to and including dismissal," said Bromery.

Another person told the I-team he has witnessed not only disruptive behavior, but claims some East Baton Rouge bus drivers are speeding as well.

"One of the buses that really concerns me is 2286.  I've called the school board numerous times between December and January, between three and four times," said someone who did not want to be identified.  "On this particular bus, I have seen her on her cell phone.  I've seen kids jumping seat to seat.  I do not want my children on a bus that's going to be speeding like that.  I mean it's a dangerous situation.  Those buses are 10 times the size of a car.  They won't be able to stop if something happens."

"They know the rules.  Of course they have to follow the normal traffic rules in terms of speeding and not speeding and to not allow disruptions on the bus because that could distract them from driving," said Bromery.

Bromery tells the I-team the bus numbers mentioned have been transferred to the company that provides school bus services for EBRSS, Pupil Transportation.  He added they will find out who the bus drivers were on the mentioned instances, talk to them and if it calls for, the school board will then take the appropriate action.  Bromery also mentioned the school board is looking into adding cameras and GPS equipment on all 600 school buses.  He went on to say things like cameras and GPS would hopefully prevent situations such as those mentioned.

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