Meat, cheese bandit strikes well-known Baton Rouge deli

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - If you're craving a muffoletta in Baton Rouge, most folks would probably point you to Anthony's Italian Deli. The small restaurant is a local favorite, but overnight they attracted the wrong kind of customer.

Anthony's Italian Deli is a small, family-owned place that's been in Baton Rouge for 35 years. The owners are smart enough not to leave money there overnight, but that did not stop a determined burglar.

Around 2 a.m. Thursday someone pried open the front door and started taking everything he could get his hands on. Huge wedges of provolone cheese, frozen trays of lasagna, prosciutto; a lot of the items are imported from Italy.

The man caught on surveillance cameras had his arms full of meats, cheeses and even paper towels. In all, about $3,500 worth of supplies were taken.

If you recognize the man in the photos provided, the Baton Rouge Police want to hear from you.

Please call Crime Stoppers at 2253-344-7867 (STOP). You can remain anonymous.

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