Man with vision problems seeks help replacing stolen lawn equipment

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A man who is already overcoming challenges to be self-sufficient is now struggling to make ends meet after thieves got away with the tools of his livelihood and not sure where to turn.

A viewer sent in an email about the situation Carl Louis is currently dealing with. As if his life wasn't difficult enough for him because of severe vision problems his only way of making an income has become much harder, if not impossible, after all of his lawn equipment was stolen.

Louis sets out on his bicycle every day and rides to the Garden District area of Baton Rouge to care for the lawns and yards of several homeowners.

"Landscaping, whatever the customers may have me to do," Louis said. "If I can't do, I let them know I can't do it (laughs)."

But last Monday, he found there was very little work he could do once he realized someone had stolen all of the tools he stores at one of his customers' homes. Lawn mowers, weed eaters and leaf blowers had all been taken.

"When you don't have your equipment that you work with, things are not the same. You can't really do work. You just have a rake and a shovel. And, that's about it. It makes it a lot harder," Louis explained.

Kristin Domangue knows Louis from his daily stop in at the BREC City Park Tennis Pro-Shop to use the phone and have coffee. She said she could not believe what she was hearing when Louis told her what happened.

"Christmas season, New Year's coming up, why?" she asked. "You tend to think they stole it, maybe they need it more than you, but it's not necessary."

"If I only knew, I'd have to ask them. I'm wondering why myself. Why would they do something like that to a poor man?" Louis added.

After Domangue posted his story on Facebook, a few of her friends donated some equipment to Louis. However, she's hoping even more people will respond to her call to help out a friend who means more to her than he even knows.

"Every time he comes in we just talk, chit-chat. One day we were talking and he just said something that meant a lot to me and hit home and he just made me feel good and he had no clue he even did it," she explained.

If you'd like to help Louis, you can contact Domangue at the BREC City Park Tennis Pro Shop at 343-3767.

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