Will Lee Be Tried For Other Murders?

It is only a formality, but convicted serial killer Derrick Todd Lee will be sentenced to death on Friday, December 10th. A jury of 7 women and 5 men unanimously sentenced Lee to death Thursday for the first-degree murder of Charlotte Murray Pace. But the question remains -- will Lee be tried for the other murders that happened in East Baton Rouge parish?

Lee is already expected to appear in court for the attempted murder of Diane Alexander and later for the murder of Dene Colomb. But for the other murders that happened in East Baton Rouge parish, it won't be totally up to First Assistant District Attorney John Sinquefield to try Lee again, it will be up to the families.

"The family members of the victims are almost like family members of ours now. So we'll have a family meeting and decide where to go from here," said Sinquefield.

Future cases of course have the potential to once again bring up the question if Lee is mentally retarded. Sinquefield says he's confident his case will not be overturned down the road because of Lee's intelligence.

Sinquefield says, "Derrick Todd Lee is not retarded. I don't think a jury would find him retarded and no judge will find him retarded."

While talks about future cases against Lee remain several weeks away, Sinquefield says he's glad this latest trial is behind him. "This case tested my strength, my endurance and my will. We persevered and we won. So I'm very happy and I'm relaxed today, but I'm glad it's over," said Sinquefield.

Lee is now at Angola State Penitentiary awaiting his date with date. Attorneys who handle capital cases say it usually takes on average of 14 years. But Angola Warden Burl Cain has seen some appeals wrap up in just 9 years or sometimes stretch out as long as 20 years.