Economic growth predictions in 2014 for BR

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Last November Economist Loren Scott presented his seal of approval to the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. "Louisiana is doing very well right now," said Scott.

Two long time business owners feel optimistic about Scott's prediction last year. "I really see a great 2014 coming in," says Randy Wesley owner of Past-Time's restaurant. "With all the people coming downtown for all the events, there's more and more events and more and more places to go, more and more things to see. People are getting used to coming downtown, before it used to be a long haul to come down away from their comfort zone. But now they are all coming downtown because there's so much to offer down here."

"I've been down here a long time and I've seen it fall off, come back, fall off, and come back strong. I've never been as excited about the downtown area as I have in this last year," says Wesley.

Russ Turner owns Bengal Glass Company on Government Street. He's been at it for 28 years. "It all feels much better. Money seems to be freeing up a little bit. A lot of projects announced a lot of hype. Our area is kind of hyped up. I hope it's much better," says Turner.

"You couldn't borrow against your house as easily as you could five six years ago. So the more that frees up the better we all are I Always optimistic," adds Turner.

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