Careless gunfire sends stray bullets into home with children inside

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It seems every year there is a near miss with gunfire on New Year's Eve and this year was no exception, as a family is thankful only their home was damaged by stray bullets.

A mother and her two young children are still standing, even though their home in the Monticello subdivision in Baton Rouge was shot at several times late Tuesday night. Chasity Thomas and her daughters were home when at least four bullets flew through the walls of their house around midnight.

"I came home and got my kids ready for bed and everything," Thomas said. "Once we got in the bed, it was like 11:53 p.m., I started to text some people 'Happy New Year!' like people normally do for 12 a.m."

That's when she said she heard some strange sounds.

"And then I realized, well, they had a bullet hole come through the wall over here. Okay, so the bullet hole came through this wall right here and traveled from this way because we found them, the bullet over here on the floor," she continued.

She said one bullet actually made it to her bedroom where her daughters were piled up in bed. Thomas took the kids, along with her cousin, and laid them on the floor until the gunfire stopped.

"Either me or one of my kids could have lost our life," Thomas added.

The whole event has shaken up Thomas and her children, who were just trying to celebrate a holiday.

Deputies with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office recovered four bullets from the home and sent them to the crime lab for analysis.

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