92-year-old man sets world record in power-lifting

Don Dreyer, 92, set a world record deadlifting 185 pounds.
Don Dreyer, 92, set a world record deadlifting 185 pounds.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge man is attracting attention with his power lifting.

Don Dreyer, 92, is not someone you would expect to find in a free-weight room, but Dreyer is exactly the kind of inspiration you need if getting into shape is your resolution for the New Year.

Dreyer says he decided 17 years ago that he should be doing something. That's when he got the idea to start power-lifting weights. He was just 75 years old at the time.

His wife, Louise Dreyer, took the news pretty well. "He came home from the gym and says, 'I've decided to start powerlifting,' and I almost passed out," she laughed.

With the help of his gym buddies at Foxy's Fitness Center, Dreyer learned to train. He was drawn to heavy steel- the kind of weights which deliver massive builds in young men. But he wasn't in it for the looks.

In November, Dreyer took his workout on the road to a power-lifting competition in Reno, Nevada.

So how did he do?

"I set the world record for dead-lifting, "said Dreyer, "I dead-lifted 185 pounds."

That is not too shabby for a 92-year-old.

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