St. Vincent De Paul hands out gifts to families in need

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - At the St. Vincent De Paul Shelter today, volunteers passed out gifts to children for the holiday season.  A lot of parents this holiday season will struggle paying for toys, so the organization partnered with Needy Greater Baton Rouge to lend a helping hand.  Director Mike Acaldo said Christmas is for everyone even during the hardest of circumstances.

"Christmas is a time to share with everyone. And Baton Rouge is a great place and you are seeing that right here today at St. Vincent De Paul," said Acaldo.

The day started with a massive line stretching around the block. Inside volunteers wrapped and were handing out toys, including the Bishop of Baton Rouge. Children from all ages were received gifts the as big as twice their size, and some even got 2 or three gifts.  Acaldo said at when they started handing out gifts at 9am they had nearly 4,000 toys.

"Somebody loved them enough to take the time to wrap the gift and that is a gift in its self," said Acaldo.

Acaldo said volunteers start as early as November wrapping gifts.