Locals mobilize against the city of St. George

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There have been mixed views on to incorporate a chunk of east baton rouge parish into the city of St. George. Susan Nelson is against the incorporation and started Facebook page called "better together" in September. She said the page is to inform people on what she says an incorporated St. George would mean if it did happen.

"For instance people don't know, if your fire station rating changes, your homeowners insurance goes up. That is a big issue for a lot of people because in addition to possibly paying higher taxes you may also be paying high homeowners insurance, and that's a big deal," said Nelson.

But, there are others like Lionel Rainey who supports the city of St. George. Rainey said he understands residents may have their concerns, but the people still need a right to vote.

"That is all way this is about, if the residents of this area don't want it to happen they can vote no that's there right but we still believe it is their constitutional right to be able to determine their destiny," said Rainey.

But Nelson already knows what she will be pulling for and she has several reasons why.

"There is something different about Baton Rouge.  It is a wonderful town. It is a great place to raise a family. It's a great community and I just don't see any point in dividing ourselves to differentiate ourselves from this great city of Baton Rouge," said Nelson.