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Littlefield High School student says she was severely bullied by classmates

Pictured: Tommie Benefield, Tisha Colon Pictured: Tommie Benefield, Tisha Colon

Tommie Benefield continues to recover Thursday tonight from what her mother called severe bullying.

Benefield said that her hands, feet and mouth were taped during class last Wednesday while her class was making Christmas themed decorations for their door.

She was all smiles Thursday as she played with her dog Paco, but she said that inside, she is in distress.

"I'm hurt, depressed, embarrassed - I didn't want to go back," Benefield said. "Two guys decided it'd be funny to tape my hands to me."

Benefield said she asked for help and a teacher stopped the two boys. However, Benefield said the teacher left the room after another classmate needed an ice pack, and when he did, the boys returned.

"They're like, 'Oh, get her again,'" Benefield said. "I went towards the door and they stopped me and they taped my hands to me and my legs, and then I was kind of saying, 'Y'all guys quit,' and then someone told one of the boys to tape my mouth shut."

The boys also taped a book to her back. She hopped toward the door trying to get away when one of the boys picked her up and dropped her on the ground.

KCBD called Littlefield ISD Superintendent Jerry Blakely. He verified what happened and said, "It was a mistake for the teacher to leave the classroom. He was reprimanded. She (Tommie) was laughing and very actively involved in horseplay before the teacher came back and she began crying when the class gathered in hallway. We've done exactly what we would should do in any case like this. The boys were given in school suspension immediately."

But Tisha Colon, Benefield's mother, said more should be done.

"They didn't take the right precautions to make sure after the first time she was taped that she was being watched, so it was able to happen a second time, and that's what I don't understand," Colon said.

Benefield hasn't been at school since the incident happened. Her mom hopes to send her to Amherst High School after winter break.

Colon filed a report with the Littlefield Police Department after the incident. They told us they will be investigating what happened.

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