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Mother says son's grave site robbed of personal mementos

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A mom who lost a son at an early age is now mourning again because the items decorating his grave have been stolen. Now, the sheriff says he will increase patrols in the area after such a senseless crime.

Damian Woods died at age 20 of a drug overdose on his birthday. He left behind a 5-year-old daughter, a mom and six brothers and sisters.

"When he died it took a big chunk out of our family so this is one way we come - and everybody puts something on his grave - just to make the coping easier," said his mother, Tara Tyree.

It is such a tender issue that is almost hard to explain how the peace of a final resting place is so important.

Tyree comes out to the little cemetery in rural Rutherford County every holiday. She loves to decorate her son's grave. It's a way to remember him.

But when she brought out the Christmas wreath Tuesday, something was wrong.

"We keep a lot of flowers out here. His daughter had brought many things here, and most of those are gone," Tyree said.

Flowers, toy cars and little personal mementos were all stolen, Tyree says.

The Rutherford County Sheriff's Office said it would send an extra patrol to the area and see if anything out of the ordinary.

Still, the family knows this is not the kind of crime that gets special attention and it's not likely that there will be an investigation.

"I wanted to cry yesterday really," Tyree said. "[The thieves] are pretty low-down."

Tyree says she will redecorate the grave. It means so much to her granddaughter, who is now 6 years old, and she just hopes that whoever did this will not do it again.

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