Supporters of proposed 'St. George' city meet to garner momentum

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Signatures were collected Thursday night as residents of the unincorporated area that could be the next city in East Baton Rouge Parish gathered for the latest update. Organizers of the Committee to Incorporate the City of St. George informed the hundreds in attendance they already have half of the 18,000 signatures needed to continue the process. That process defended by speakers like state Senator Bodi White.

"We've waited generations of children to fix our schools and it just hasn't happened," said White.

Others challenged the dollar shortfall that opponents of St. George say would be absorbed by the city of Baton Rouge if incorporation moves forward.

"The $53 million is a little more sensational than the $14 million amount we came up with," said one speaker.

The guest speaker Reverend C.L. Bryant of Shreveport focused his message on the right citizens have to make their own decisions urging members of the audience to make a stand no matter what arguments may be used against their cause.

"We are being piled down by those who don't want us to form entities that could unite us, by calling us words that can divide us," said Bryant.

That idea is shared by Sandra Jones who says for her incorporating St. George is about keeping tax dollars in the area she lives to support schools, facilities and parks and not about anything else.

"Some of us have been here 40 or 50 years. if anyone wants to live here, move here you can so don't put it as, don't bait us as one of the speakers said and make it out to be race," said Jones.

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