Kids raise thousands of dollars for classmate whose house burned down

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - Students at Denham Springs High School are not just thinking about getting out of school for the holidays, instead they sprung into action when a fellow student faced a crisis.

At Denham Springs High School, there is a colony of Yellow Jackets, and like most colonies, these wasps have been working together; not for a queen, but for their fellow classmate.

Junior Elton Knight, also known as Nitro, lost his home to a fire this past weekend.

"I got the news from our basketball coach on Sunday. He called and let me know Elton's house had burned down. And immediately went through my mind, something for him," said Principal Kelly Jones.

"But before I had an opportunity to even get my thoughts together on Monday morning, I had a group of students come into the office and say 'Mr. Jones, we want to do a free dress day a fundraiser of some sort for Nitro.'"

Ashton Martin was one of those students. "Well, Denham is pretty much like a family..and we heard Elton needed  help and we decided we are going to help any way we could so we got this idea and we spread the word and got everybody to come together," said Martin.

But what happened next was not expected. Students usually pay $2 for free-dress day, but they gave much more. More than $4,200 was raised for Elton and his family.

When Elton was called in to the principal's office, he was at a loss for words.

"I couldn't believe at first, I cried when he told me, I was excited and I didn't think that they were going to raise that much money," said Knight.

The power of working together for one cause really showed. "It's their yellow jacket pride and when they saw one of their own that was hurting, that was in need, they saw the need, they stepped up and did their best to fulfill it," said Jones.

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