Celtic Media Centre enters St. George Debate

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Celtic Media Centre has boasted the largest film studio in Louisiana for nearly 10 years and nearly two-thirds of the 30 acre facility is currently not in Baton Rouge city limits.

"The dividing line could actually be Celtic Drive," said Patrick Mulhearn, Director of Studio Operations at Celtic Media.

Mulhearn says running the studio with parts inside city limits and most outside already presents plenty of challenges but adds operating in both Baton Rouge and St. George could present financial issues as well.

"We are concerned with being in a whole other city. No one knows what the tax rate will be for that city so again from our standpoint, we'd like to be in one city and that city would be Baton Rouge," added Mulhearn.

Lionel Rainey is the spokesperson for the Committee to Incorporate the city of St. George and says his group has no problem with any business that would rather remain connected to Baton Rouge instead of moving into what would become St. George.

"We support and respect any property and business owner's right to request into the city of Baton Rouge just like we would hope they would support our right to run a petition and to create the city of St. George," said Rainey.

Baton Rouge Metro Councilman John Delgado has been vocal in his desire to annex any unincorporated area connected to Baton Rouge, including the proposed city of St. George. He says he understands some of the ideas behind the push for St. George but adds creating a new city should not be the method used to implement change.

"They are very valid concerns the people of St. George have but at the same time just creating your own city and doing so in such a rush, in such a rush to judgment it's just not the way to go about fixing the problems that we have," said Delgado.

"We promote ourselves as being the heart of Baton Rouge for productions and people outside of state they understand where that is but having to explain you're in St. George, Louisiana somewhere they have never heard of or having to explain you're in both baton rouge and St. George that could be confusing," added Mulhearn.

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