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Brutal parking lot fight captured on video


A dramatic fight in front of a Lubbock convenience store was captured on video Saturday night.

The video, sent to us by a KCBD viewer, shows two men fist fighting. They cross the parking lot waiting to see who will land the first punch. Finally, one man connects and continues to hit the other man as he's lying on the ground.

In the second video, one of the men that appeared to be fighting gets in a car, revs his engine, and slams into two parked cars. He then gets out and runs to the door of the store, punching a man that can barely be seen.

"I'm sure it was late at night whenever it occurred. My guess is it looked like there was probably some guys driving around and some road rage maybe got the best of them and they couldn't control themselves..." said Sgt. Jason Lewis.

Lewis says fights like this are not common. After seeing the video he says everyone there was a willing participant and it didn't appear to be planned.

"It looks like it was spur of the moment. Probably a little bit of road rage and some guys that are unable to control themselves. Just lack self control is what it looks like," he said. "A lot of times we don't get calls because the people that were there are all participants and probably no one that was there wanted to see an officer. I'm just glad nobody was there that looked like they weren't a participant."

Sgt. Lewis says the police department will conduct an investigation into the fight.

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