Flights from BR to Dallas grounded due to winter storm

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - All flights headed to Dallas have been cancelled due to a winter storm that has blanketed that area with snow.

"All flights to Dallas from Baton Rouge are canceled for today," Jim Caldwell, Baton Rouge Airport representative, said. "They should be getting back to normal tomorrow."

American Airlines is the only provider for flights out of Baton Rouge to Dallas.

"American did a really good job of pre-planning," Caldwell said. "Most of the flights were rerouted yesterday or earlier today."

American Airlines cancelled nearly 1,000 flights.

"Dallas Fort Worth Airport is clearing runways and we're working to get everyone on their way as quickly as possible," American Airlines said in a statement. "

Flights will resume once the storm system clears.

All other flights out of Baton Rouge are running on schedule, with the exception of some minor delays.

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