BREC on the Geaux bringing play back to kids

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Recess for the kids at Buchanan Elementary School is getting an extra boost thanks to BREC on the Geaux.  BREC on the Geaux is a mobile recreation program that brings all the tools of a playground to kids who live in something called a play desert, an area without easy or safe access to a playground.

"We can get them moving in ways that they may not be able to do on their own and what's happening is they're exercising, they're making themselves healthier and they don't even know it," said BREC's Director of Communication Cheryl Michelet.

The program started back in the summer as a part of the city's larger Healthy Baton Rouge initiative.  Over six weeks, the program made 81 stops various locations throughout East Baton Rouge and gave 1,200 kids a chance to get moving and have fun.

Now the program is expanding to three schools, Buchanan Elementary, Baton Rouge FLAIM, and Ryan Elementary.  These schools participate in the Fresh Beginnings Project, which is also a part of the Healthy Baton Rouge initiative.

Once a week, BREC stops by to provide a little variety and structure to recess and lay the foundation for healthy living.

"The structure is important because it can get the moving in ways that we know they need to be moving to increase the health outcomes," said Michelet.

In a time where kids have stopped using swing sets and started picking up more video games, BREC also wants to teach kids how to play again and love the outdoors.  The hope is that if you teach the kids healthy habits, the rest of the family will follow.

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