NAACP meets with ATC over discrimination allegations

Mike McClanahan with the NAACP
Mike McClanahan with the NAACP

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The NAACP says they are taking issue with the hiring and firing practices of the Alcohol and Tobacco Control or ATC.

"We do not want any things in state government especially in ATC or any other department that reflects discriminatory practices, malice intent," said Mike McClanahan with the NAACP.

"When I took over there was 32 percent of African American's working at ATC and now it's 34 percent; that's a growth of two percent of African American employees," said Troy Hebert with ATC.

Both sides met Wednesday at the McKinley Alumni Center.

ATC Head Troy Hebert said the civil rights group has misinformation about the makeup of his office.

He also says disgruntled workers played a part in the NAACP gripe with his office. Now the NAACP has not decided if a potential lawsuit ahead.

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