Facebook post suckers woman out of hundreds of dollars

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A potential scam is sweeping social networking websites. The alleged crooks are using a popular prepaid card to rob people of hundreds of dollars.

One woman said she lost nearly $750 in an instant at the hands of an online scammer.

"That was my rent money. That was my grocery money. I have a little girl. She needed to eat," the woman said.

It started, she said, when she ran across an ad last week on Facebook. The page, under the name, Trina Daniels shows a big photo of hands holding hundreds of dollars. The message reads, "If you are trying to make 3000 to 9000 within an hour and you are serious txt code redsky to this phone number and my brother will help you out no b.s."

The woman said she was convinced.

"She gave me his number and the first thing he told me was I needed to go to Walmart, Walgreens or CVS and purchase a (Green Dot) Money Pak card."

The woman said she bought two and put $300 on each.

"He told me I was going to get $6,000 from loading $300 on both of the cards because he goes into the system and adds a zero."

But first, she said, the alleged con artist told her she had to give him the numbers on the back of her cards so he could access it. The woman said she did and when she never heard back she began to text the number she was given. Hours later she got a response requesting that she load another $100 on the card.

"He basically kept giving me the run around saying it wasn't working. He was just trying to get more money and more money and more money."

The woman said when he asked for her bank card, she realized she had been taken.

"I'm not hoping to get it back because it's not expected for me to get it back. I'm just hoping no one else falls for the same thing I fell for."

The alleged scammer did not return WAFB's calls.

Green Dot is investigating the matter.

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