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Sen. Landrieu defends Affordable Care Act

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu says we can have a better healthcare system in our state where every person has access to quality healthcare.

Landrieu made the comments today at the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus and the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Foundation 29th Annual Bayou Classic Scholarship Jazz Brunch in New Orleans.

Landrieu delivered the keynote address at the event and said providing quality healthcare to everyone can be done. She says the Affordable Care Act is the answer.

"It can be done. Massachusetts has a system that you can't be kicked off your insurance. You can't get a disease that's not covered. You can't have a child not sick enough not to get help. This has been done already. It's a combination of stretching the public hand to help and also relying on the private sector on this insurance market," said Landrieu.

Landrieu added, "So despite the fact there are some leaders in our state that say no and pull out the rug -- we are going to say yes and we're going to lay down a foundation. We're going to keep fighting to do everything we can to help bring a better vision of healthcare and hope to this state."

Landrieu said she would also like to see Medicaid expanded for businesses and low-wage workers.

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