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Black Friday 'Grinch' unsuccessfully tries to steal the Christmas spirit from Longview lady


Black Friday got a little darker for a few minutes for an East Texas Woman.

Seventy-five year-old Alpha Fay Tyler stood in line at Bealls in Longview for a Black Friday deal on some boots. She got inside and was trying them on when she says another woman grabbed them out of her hand and headed for the cash register.

The woman got away with the boots, but the people at Bealls just happened to be full of Christmas Spirit.

Bealls' Black Friday sale started Thursday night, and Fay had her feet all ready for a new pair of boots just like these.

"I want you to know that my sister has a pair just like this only hers are brown. She paid $75 for hers. I stood in line last night to get these for $19.95, and I had them snatched away from me," Fay said.

The person who took them handed them to a friend who bought them and the two headed out of the store. The boots weren't literally stolen, a sense...they were.  Fay ended up with some broken fingernails and the feeling that she had been "Grinched."

"This was a young white lady, and she grabbed her cane from somewhere and was on the cane. And, honey, she didn't need that cane any more than anyone else did. I felt sorry for her. I did go home and pray for her," Fay recalled.

So, Fay didn't get those boots. However, the people at Bealls found a pair at the Tyler store and brought them to Longview for Fay, and she got them at the Black Friday price.

"I'll run into her one of these days because I never forget a face. But when I do I'll tell her I'm praying for her because I doubt she needed those boots worse than I did. I am on a limited income, and I like to dress nice for an old lady. But still, I think the young people need to be more respectful of the older people. Bealls has been so nice. But I want to say thank you, hun. And, well it's just one of those things. We have lots of nice young people, but there's still some rude young people," Fay added.

Fay ended up with more discounts, and she got her boots for $15.

Longview Police were called over the incident, but the perpetrators got away.

Faye and her sister are regular shoppers at Bealls, and they will be back for the next sale.

There was a reported scuffle over a Leapster, a child's computer, and a report of shoplifting at Wal-Mart on Gilmer Road in Longview, but no other reported assaults during Black Friday in Longview.

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