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Police continue investigation after officer-involved shooting in Chesterfield

A bullet is found inside of a book in a neighbor's home A bullet is found inside of a book in a neighbor's home

A Chesterfield man now faces several charges after what's been described as a domestic incident that later turned to gunfire in an otherwise quiet suburban neighborhood.

Michael Killough faces seven charges of felony assault on a police officer, and one charge for domestic assault. He is currently in the hospital at VCU medical center.

Back in the North Oaks neighborhood, police used a metal detector and other equipment for hours- likely looking for things like bullet casings, bullets, or other evidence.

Neighbors say they heard Killough outside his home, yelling in his driveway. They say he was waiving around a long gun, that he was swearing and appeared angry and distressed. They also say he was telling police he wanted to die.

Neighbors say police on the other side of the street were trying to get Killough to put the gun down, encouraging him to live and end the incident peacefully.

At one point, neighbors say Killough did put the gun down. Police tried to get him to come across the street, but then he changed his mind, picked up the gun, and engaged police. That that's when the shooting started. Killough was wounded and taken to the hospital.

Several homes have bullet holes in them from the encounter. We talked to one woman who said two bullets came in her home, through the exterior walls. One hit a CD case and then the ceiling. The other, hit a book.

The news is difficult for a family on Thanksgiving day. But, there is a blessing in it being a holiday. Most of the neighbors we spoke to along this side of the street where homes were hit by bullets say they were out of the area because they were celebrating with family and friends.

No one else was hurt in the shooting.

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