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Police: Man points gun at couple during road rage incident, follows for miles

John R. Ellnor, IV (Source: Clark County Jail) John R. Ellnor, IV (Source: Clark County Jail)
Jeremy Mull Jeremy Mull

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A case of road rage becomes terrifying for a Kentuckiana couple when a man pulls out a gun and points it at them while following them for miles.

This couple, who does not want their identities known, are still shaken after what was supposed to be a fun night. WAVE 3 News will refer to them as "Anna" and "Joe". 

"You see and you hear about it, but you don't realize how bad it is until you're the one that's going through it," said Anna. 

On Friday, they were on their way home from a friend's house traveling north on Interstate 65 approaching hospital curve.

Anna was driving. She switched to the left lane to get out of the way of a semi when suddenly she said another car was right behind her. 

"He was so close to the back end of the pick up truck, I could not see the hood of his Lincoln Town Car," said Anna. 

Police said the driver of the Lincoln Town Car was John R. Ellnor, IV.

"I couldn't get out of his way there was no way to go and then I guess he got really mad and that's when he held the gun up," said Anna. "I said 'Oh my God', he's got a gun."

Anna called 911 as they crossed the Kennedy Bridge. She switched lanes to take the Brown's Station Way Exit, but says Ellnor continued to follow sporadically flashing the handgun.

"The defendant in this case, once he rounded a curb there was police presence there so he actually exited the road and went onto a side street," said Jeremy Mull, Clark County Deputy Chief Prosecutor. "The police were able to get behind him at the time and stop them."

"The response of the officers was just amazing," said Anna. 

"The smart thing to do is just what these victims did which is to call 911, stay in your car, keep driving until the police are able to apprehend the offender, not to get out and have any type of confrontation," said Mull. 

As the couple talked to police investigators discovered Ellnor had a loaded 40 caliber handgun and a blood alcohol level of .167.

"You try not to look, but you want to see who it is doing this and when we looked over if he could kill us with his eyes, he had done it," said Joe. 

Ellnor faces intimidation, pointing a firearm and operating a vehicle while intoxicated charges. He remains locked up in the Clark County Jail.

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