Livingston Parish council addresses money for road repairs

Gum Swamp Road
Gum Swamp Road
Cheney Blanc in Maurepas
Cheney Blanc in Maurepas

MAUREPAS, LA (WAFB) - A group of Livingston Parish homeowners are tired of seeing potholes patched on their road. Cheney Blanc, in Maurepas, was added to the parish priority road list earlier in 2013. The roads on that list are fixed using tax money from the capitol outlay program, for road overlay. The council voted last year not to use that money, so Cheney Blanc and others in need of repair haven't been touched. Except for patchwork by the Department of Public Works.

"It's bad," said Danny Picou. "It's getting where you can't hardly pass on it now, the culverts are falling in. The holes are getting bigger."

Now, at the mention of the parish council discussing the road program, the Chinquapin Campsite Homeowners Association shows up to listen and be seen. Dressed in yellow shirts.

"My intent is to start the road program next year," said parish president Layton Ricks.

Ricks says there is 3.7 million dollars ready to be spend on doing updates, like that which Cheney Blanc Road needs. But no money can be spent without the parish council's approval.

"If they choose to zero it out again, obviously we won't have funds to do that," the parish president said.

Last year, the council voted not to use the road program tax money. Ricks says part of the problem, was over the engineer selected to do work for the road program - BKI. He says the council had a problem with the engineering contract. But now that the contract has been redone, he's hoping the council will choose to move forward with the program.

Otherwise he says it will mark two years that the money hasn't been used. But calls and complaints about roads keep coming in.

"Got a call Sunday on a road that has a hole in it," Ricks said.

He added the Department of Public Works does do daily repairs to roads. Things like regular maintenance and patching potholes, but Ricks says they can only do so much, until they need a better solution.

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