Concerned citizen rescues entangled pelican at LSU Lakes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - For the second time this month, a White Pelican became trapped and tangled in fishing lines in the LSU Lakes.

This time, however, a concerned citizen came to the rescue.

Anna-Karin Skillen waded into the water with a pocket knife and cut the multiple fishing lines wrapped around his feet.

She says she is hopeful that the city will make an effort to clean up the lakes so it doesn't happen again.

Last week, Baton Rouge Animal Control rescued a White Pelican that was caught on a trot line. That particular pelican was injured and was taken to LSU Vet School. The pelican should be completely recovered from its injuries in another week or so.

The LSU Vet School is privately funded and could use some help in taking care of the pelican. Go to or call (225) 578-9900.

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