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Church feeding East Texans, one ton of food at a time


An East Texas church made a donation Saturday morning to the St. Paul's Children Foundation in Tyler, and they say it's the biggest donation the have received yet.

Crosspointe Church made quite the entrance at St. Paul's Children Foundation when they showed up with not one, but two trucks full of food.

"It feels very fulfilling to know that we have completed what God has asked us to do," said Johnathan Ellison, Executive Pastor at Crosspointe Community Church.

The church started working with St. Paul's Children Foundation after taking a tour of the facility 4 years ago.

"Once we saw the facility, saw how organized it was, and the expectations of not to just help, but to encourage people in their daily lives, we knew it was something that we really wanted to be a part of," said Ellison.

This year they set a goal to collect 2 tons worth of food.

They met the goal, then surpassed it, by collecting almost 4 tons. That's 8,000 pounds worth of food.

"Just being able to see their faces of how much food is here and how this is going to help them throughout the next month is very fulfilling," said Ellison.

St. Paul Children's Foundation says the food couldn't have come at a better time.

They say the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. 

The day before the donation, they served 132 families, and they expect those numbers to go up by the end of the year.

They feed the mouths of families from 27 different counties, needing all the food they can get along the way.

The church hopes that this will do more than feed the hungry.

"If we, and other churches, and church as a whole, picked a month from each year to do something like this with our groups, we would make a substantial difference in our community," said Ellison. "It's one thing to go to church. It's another thing to be the church."

St. Paul Children's Foundation says 4 tons worth of food will feed about 1,800 families, and will only last them a little over a month.

You can donate food or clothing to the organization.

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