EBRSO arrests friend of suspect in hotel shooting

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office has determined how officers were injured on the night burglary suspect Jessie Gordon killed himself in the Magnuson Hotel, and it turns out, he was not alone at the time of his death.

Thursday morning, officers from several agencies tried to arrest Gordon for outstanding warrants.

According to the report, the hotel room where Gordon was found was rented under the name of his friend, 24-year-old Kelly Prestidge.  When officers knocked on the door, Prestidge answered and told them Gordon was not in the room. However, deputies report that they could hear Gordon's voice and heard him firing a weapon.

An EBRSO deputy returned fire, but the shot ricocheted off of a brick wall. The hit created shrapnel which struck another duty and a state trooper. However, Gordon was not hit by a deputy or any other officers.  The officers' wounds were superficial.

The report also states that the EBRSO Deputies had contacted Prestidge one day before the incident in order to gain information on Gordon. Authorities asked her to convince Gordon to turn himself in. They had received information that Gordon pawned about $2000 worth of silverware that was stolen from the home of Prestidge's parents. The silverware was later recovered at a local pawnshop.

Officials say they brought Prestidge in for questioning after the hotel shooting, and she told them that after trying to convince Gordon to go to the authorities, he replied, "I will kill myself before I go back to jail." Prestidge told EBRSO that she helped Gordon hide from the law enforcement officials.

Prestidge was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on two counts of Accessory to Theft and one count of accessory after the fact for harboring a fugitive.

Investigations are still ongoing on this incident and any other burglaries that may be connected to Prestidge and Gordon.

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