Several Louisiana officials make unclaimed property list

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In East Baton Rouge Parish alone, nearly 55 million dollars in unclaimed cash just sits in the treasury of the state of Louisiana.

Treasurer John Kennedy has been diligent about telling anyone to go on line and see if any of the cash is yours. So we did a little investigating and found out that a number of state wide elected officials and other high ranking government officials have cash in the coffers.

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon's name is on the books, as is Attorney General James Caldwell. Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne has a check coming as does U.S. Senator David Vitter and Secretary of Wildlife and Fisheries Robert Barham.

"It wouldn't surprise me because we get it in everyday," says Treasurer John Kennedy. "I mean we got over 500,000 names when I get to the office and open the mail it's just more and more money, and we've been very aggressive giving it back.  But I've given money back to Governor Edwards, I've given money back to Governor Foster, I've given money back to Archie Manning, John Goodman...I'm going to check and see if the 'Duck Dynasty' guys have any money. They did the Duck Dynasty folks had some money. "

John Kennedy's name is not on the cash list.

"My wife had money...I insisted that she go try and get it but I'm not on it. It would look bad if the treasurer was on it. But it's really not anybody's fault this money just gets sent to us...people have no idea," says Kennedy.

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