BR attorney threatening legal action against State Treasurer's Office

State Treasurer John Kennedy
State Treasurer John Kennedy

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge attorney is threatening legal action against the State Treasurer's office regarding a non-governmental organization or NGO.

State Treasurer John Kennedy says "The Colomb Foundation" is out of compliance with a state grant it received back in 2008. Kennedy's office is seeking to have monies returned to the state if the NGO does not show sufficient documentation on the use of grants.

Attorney Mary Ollie Pierson represents The Colomb Foundation. "I think Mr. Kennedy launched his attack and painted with a brush that was entirely too broad," says Pierson. "All you had to do was spend the money, account for how it was spent to show it got spent on what you were supposed to spend it on. That was it and the Colomb Foundation did that. They have complied with state law, spent the money in accordance with what they should have done, and I think that the treasurer made a mistake by painting with that broad brush and included the Colomb Foundation."

Kennedy says he's looking into the matter. "We do have one under review the Colomb Foundation. We asked for some additional documents, the documents they had sent us had portions blacked out and we asked them to send us the clean documents, we got those in yesterday and were reviewing them," says Kennedy.

"I think he just needs to do something that's very difficult for a lot of people to do," says Pierson. "Admit you made a mistake. Man up say so and let's go about our business."

Pierson says they will hear back by December 2nd.

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