Port Allen fails to introduce new budget after special meeting

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - The city of Port Allen held a special meeting Wednesday as recalled Mayor Deedy Slaughter attempted to get the council to introduce an amended budget.

"This is just being presented so the council can take a look at it and make the decision they want to make," Slaughter said to council members in attendance.

According to Slaughter, council members Ray Helen Lawrence, Brandon Brown and Gary Hubble agreed on the budget ahead of time but R.J. Loupe was not on board.

"That's not the question I asked" said Loupe in an exchange with Slaughter. "Did you have the CFO involved in this budget?"

"They were not in the budget," answered Slaughter.

"Good. Thank you," replied Loupe.

"Last week at the regular meeting I did tell the council that I would come back with the presentation of that budget so that's exactly what I did," said Slaughter.

The motion to introduce the budget however failed to get a second with Lawrence believing it's a matter of not everyone on the council and the mayor talking before the meeting.

"There should have been cooperation with everyone to sit in and give their understandings as to what they wanted in the budget. So it didn't happen and I guess that's why it was not passed," said Lawrence.

"Our credibility has taken a hit in last few months which is really sad but I'm hoping the council can, we can begin to work together," said Councilman Hugh Riviere.

Deedy Slaughter has until Monday at 4:30 p.m. to challenge last weekend's recall election. If she does not, Mayor Pro Tem Lawrence will take charge with another special budget meeting expected to be called shortly after.

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