Thieves steal Christmas from special needs group

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Frances Center at 14747 Terrell Road has been victimized and a large portion of the groups donated Christmas flowers are missing. Frances center employs developmentally disabled people and operates largely on donations.

On Monday, Nov. 18, a large order of Christmas flowers were delivered by Louisiana Wholesale Florist. By Tuesday more than half of that truckload was stolen. The thieves apparently had either a key or somehow jimmied the door because there was no apparent damage.

"It's hard to find places like Louisiana wholesale that can give you product this good workable product that matches and orchids that kind of stuff," says Jo Monroe The Frances Center director. "That's what makes it even tougher."

What makes the situation even more difficult says Monroe is one of the autistic kids discovered the flowers had been stolen."He was completely devastated because that's how we found out. He came in here this morning he had made himself a box and he came running in and said where's my box?"

Monroe filled out a Sheriff's report and her locks have been replaced courtesy of AAA Safe and Lock Company.

For more information about the Francis Center, call (225) 755-0990.

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