Political Analyst: Duck Dynasty backing wins over Jindal political machine

Vance McAllister and Phil Robertson (Source: Facebook)
Vance McAllister and Phil Robertson (Source: Facebook)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The A&E show Duck Dynasty is a huge hit and it appears it's playing a role in Louisiana politics.  A new US Congressman just may have the duck world to thank for his winning election this weekend.

It seems to be the case in the 5th Congressional District, which primarily is in Northeast Louisiana, but stretches to parts of south Louisiana.

A 15 second commercial released just days before the election could have been the fuel to propel political newcomer Vance McAllister to Washington. McAllister won overwhelmingly getting 60 percent of the vote over sitting Senator and politically experienced Neil Riser.

"Noticeably Bobby Jindal did not endorse the candidate in the election, and that was by design. He's had some misfires before - endorsing Lee Domangue against Dan Claitor. This time he chose to stay out officially. But unofficially there's no doubt the Jindal political machine was in the race and lost to the Duck Dynasty crowd," said political analyst Jim Engster.

McAllister knows the endorsement from the popular Duck Dynasty crew helped his cause.

"They certainly didn't hurt," says McAllister. "I love the Robertson's to death I love them for the people they are the Christians they are, and I couldn't be prouder to be associated with them."

Riser was considered by most to be a shoo-in. He lead the crowded primary with the help of former Jindal staffer Timmy Teeple, but in the end, Riser was no match for the Duck nation.

"In the end, 6 out of 10 people voted for Vance McAllister who is best known as being supported by some people affiliated with Duck Dynasty," said Engster.

McAllister's ability to get into the runoff surprised many political observers given that 14 people were in the race with six elected officials. His slogan of never having been to Washington also resonated with the electorate, according to Engster.

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