No decision for the fate of the Sorrento Police Department

SORRENTO, LA (WAFB) - There was an emotional uproar at Sorrento's emergency meeting this morning. Especially Mayor Mike Lambert whose patience got the best of him as he occasionally shouted at the city's citizens.

Police Chief Earl Theriot said he did not show his best poker face. "He is supposed to be representing this town and its citizens, and what he showed me in there didn't look like he is worried about the people in this town, "said Theriot.

But, the council voted to table the discussion until Tuesday.

They were supposed to vote on a short term plan for the Ascension Sheriff's Office to take over Sorrento's police protection. And to consider a quote from an outside insurance company that would allow Sorrento Police to keep operating.

"I think for something for this big we need the full vote of the council. And it gives the council the time over the weekend to talk to some of the residents. And see what residents really feel about the police department," said Councilman Randy Anny.

"I think you see people are with the chief and they really want their own police department," he continued.

This started when the company that insures the Sorrento Police Department said they are planning to drop the coverage.  This means the council will have to come to a decision in the next couple of days.  The chief said the public has already voted.

"It made me feel good this morning that the citizens did stand behind us. Right now, it makes me feel good that they do want us still here," said Theriot.

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