Port Allen Mayoral recall election Saturday

Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter
Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter
Mayor Deedy Slaughter talks with supporter
Mayor Deedy Slaughter talks with supporter
Port Allen residents remind friends and neighbors to vote
Port Allen residents remind friends and neighbors to vote

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - On Saturday, voters in Port Allen will decide whether Mayor Deedy Slaughter gets to keep her job. Forty percent of voters cast their ballots early.

Some residents spent Friday walking the streets of the city to remind everyone to get to the polls.

Becky LeBlanc and her neighbors went going door to door. In their hands, fliers and a list of registered voters who had yet to cast their ballots.

LeBlanc said she's been pounding the pavement since February.

"I wish it wouldn't have come to this but it is what it is, and we're going to do our best to remove her," LeBlanc said.

They said they're not happy with some of the choices Mayor Slaughter has made including her recent decision to veto the city budget.

"We just don't feel like Mayor Slaughter has showed good government at all," LeBlanc said.

Mayor Slaughter and her supporters were also making rounds.

"What I'm doing is continuing to make that personal contact with my supporters to let them know the truth," Slaughter said.

Slaughter, who less than 11 months into her first year in office, said she is working on a budget that will benefit the city.

"We want to have something in place by the second regular meeting in December," Slaughter said.

She is asking voters for another chance to prove herself. Her supporters believe she has the city's best interested at heart.

"She hadn't done anything wrong, hasn't broken any laws, and she needs the opportunity to work this city and move it forward," Caster Brown said.

"I believe the outcome on Saturday night will give me that victory that I can continue to do my four years," Slaughter said.

Slaughter said she was unsure whether, if recalled, she would run again.

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