Zoie leaves ICU and will soon head to a new home

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The dog that suffered second-degree burns in an intentional fire is out of ICU and headed to a foster family.

Zoie's bedding was set on fire in late October, burning her paws and underbelly. The 9-month-old pup has been at the LSU Vet School recovering since getting burned.

Doctors said she is in great spirits and doing very well. There was an outpouring of donations and families who wanted to adopt Zoie. Her adoption parents will pick her up next week.

Animal Control said a 9-year-old neighbor boy is to blame for the fire. Louisiana law protects that 9-year-old boy and he will not face any criminal charges. The law does not hold any child under the age of 10 responsible for their actions.

"Criminal intent simply is the formation in your mind that what you're about to do is about to cause harm or is about to do an act that causes consequences, and the children do not understand about the consequences, they may understand about the harm, but they don't understand about the consequences," said Sclynski Legier, Public Defender's Office.

Robert Combs, public information officer for the Baton Rouge Fire Department, said arson investigators were called to the scene on Warfield Avenue, north of Florida Boulevard.

Homeowners told investigators that they found Zoie yelping and trying to avoid flames in her small kennel in the back yard. Combs said it was obvious Zoie's kennel had intentionally been lit on fire.

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