La Tech Park incubator hatches success

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Whether you're looking for a Photon Laser Tag set from the 1980s or hard to find car parts, Revy has it. The website launched two months ago with a unique concept.

Baton Rouge native Travis Drago founded Revy as a friendly alternative to Craigslist and eBay. Besides buyers and sellers, users can also be a "connector" and help facilitate the sale.

"Revy is an online experience where buyers post want ads for items they want at any price they want to pay. Others can then come to Revy to sell their items that match the buyer's needs in the want ads," Drago said. "A connector is someone who can be anybody. You don't have to have any interest in what's being bought or sold - it's the whole idea of 'Hey, I can make money.'"

Revy's launch was possible thanks to the Louisiana Technology Park - a business incubator currently housing 19 clients.

"What it really does, it helps build those networks and relationships with other people that you don't already have in your network that they do," he said. "Legal resources, financial resources, things like that that can help you build."

Across the hall from Drago, Craig Gehring is getting comfortable in his new office.

"We've gone from a few employees to close to 15, and things have been going very rapidly," Gehring said.

After just one year in the Tech Park his company ACT Mastery is expanding. His team is now creating online versions of their popular ACT test prep books.

"We've started marketing nationally, so we've had schools and school districts in Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois and Colorado buy into our program," he said.

Cell Control - another Tech Park client - has also gone national, proving this incubator hatches success. Their device that plugs into vehicles to prevent texting while driving is now in company fleet vehicles across the country.

"All these little things, these incidentals you have to worry about as a business owner, having help and assistance with it lets you focus on creating products, creating jobs, helping customers and that makes things easier," Gehring said.

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