Local group says cameras should be in school classrooms

A  local group in support of people with disabilities has rallied behind a Baton Rouge mother, who has home-schooled her special needs daughter, after being outraged from watching a cell phone video of her daughter being hit by Nerylen Soreta, an East Baton Rouge teacher.

Lasundra Lipsey says the only way she would consider allowing her child back in school is if cameras were put in classrooms.

"It makes the people in the classroom, the teachers and the aids more accountable. By making sure our children are not getting abused, and that they're doing the things they should be doing while they are at school. And not just sitting in a chair all day," said Lipsey.

Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge is a support and resource center for people with disabilities. Each employee there is a parent of a child with a disability.

Executive Director Jamie Tindle agreed with Lipsey and said it's a good idea for cameras to be in the classroom, because it would protect students and teachers from any harm or sticky situations. She understands some may have their doubts about the idea, but that shouldn't outweigh priorities.

"I just think it's a win, win. I realize that there is a money issue and that is what people are going to say and they can't afford it, but can we really afford not to protect our students and teachers in the public school system," said Tindle.

Cameras in the classrooms would bring Lipsey some peace of mind and trust, since all trust is now lost with the school system.

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