Port Allen council fails to override mayor's budget veto

A standing room-only crowd was on hand for Wednesday's meeting.
A standing room-only crowd was on hand for Wednesday's meeting.

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - It's an evening that started with fireworks outside of the Port Allen City Hall with people dressed in "We Support Mayor Slaughter" t-shirts and Rev. Raymond Brown trying to rally the troops in favor of Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter.

"Race and jealousy playing a role to take her (Mayor Slaughter) down," said Rev. Brown.

When asked how race was playing a role when the two people leading the recall petition were Deloris Kibby and Millie Jackson, Rev. Brown said, "Because they got black sellouts."

Ahead of Saturday's recall election, flyers are being handed out.  The most recent four-page flyer points the finger at two former city employees Casey Daigle and Teracita Pattan for leaving their jobs.  

"I just really don't appreciate the slander," said Pattan.

Mayor Slaughter said she did not write or circulate those flyers. Instead, the "concerned citizens of Port Allen" are responsible and she too, has fallen victim to slander.

"Same thing with other media, all these things have been played into a strategy to make Mayor Slaughter to be this crucial person who has done so many things that I have not done," said Mayor Slaughter.

Next up was trying to override the mayor's veto to the city's 2013-2014 budget.  That attempt failed 3-2.

"Why did you vote against the veto?" asked WAFB's Kiran Chawla
"I have no comment," said Mayor Pro-Tem Ray Helen Lawrence.
"The city of Port Allen has no budget," said Chawla.
"I have no comment," said Lawrence.

"Because of the politics of the council, the city of Port Allen is suffering and does not have a budget?" asked Chawla.
"Yes, that's very true," said council member Brandon Brown.
"You understand that the fire department doesn't have funds to go into December?" asked Chawla.
"Yes, yes I do," said Brown.

"Where does the fire department stand as far as the budget goes?" asked Chawla.
"Right now, the fire department budget will effectively run out of payroll and retirement funds about Nov. 25," said Port Allen Fire Chief Rick Boudreaux.

As to what's next...

"No questions," said Mayor Slaughter.
"The city has no budget, mayor.  What's next?" asked Chawla.
"There will be a special meeting as we said on next week," said Mayor Slaughter.

She left, saying she had another meeting to attend.  WAFB waited for Mayor Slaughter until after her meeting was over.  About 15 minutes later, WAFB was told her car was gone and she'd left for the evening.

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