Port Allen honors veterans in annual parade

Citizens gather to hold a parade honoring our veterans who served in the military.
Citizens gather to hold a parade honoring our veterans who served in the military.

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - The city of Port Allen showed it appreciation of those who have served in the US military with its 9th Annual Veterans on Parade Sunday.

Jefferson Avenue in Port Allen was lined with young and old, determined to enjoy a day designed to give thanks to the men and women in uniform. Anne Marionneaux has been a resident of Port Allen for more than 25 years and her son is a former member of the US Marine Corps. She said a parade to honor veterans from every background is easy to support.

"America is so patriotic and proud of the military, regardless of which division, and I think they deserve to be honored in a parade like this," said Marionneaux.

Velta Alexander's husband served in the Marine Corps as well and she said the day is also about a community standing together, instead of one divided by an upcoming recall election.

"The mayor stuff and police stuff, we just want everyone to be united back again like it was," said Alexander. "It's my second year out and I'm having fun."

The day was also special for those who have served. Sherian Grace Cadoria is a retired US Army Brigadier General from Marksville. Cadoria said after returning from deployment in Vietnam, she and other US troops were ridiculed and harassed by citizens opposed to the war. She added public perception has changed for the better over the years.

"To see the people, to come out and wish all the veterans the best of everything, it really makes you want to cry," Cadoria explained.

That is a feeling she hopes will be part of parades and ceremonies like this for years to come.

"Let us never forget that every man and woman who serves the country is doing it for everyone to have freedom," Cadoria said.

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