President arrives in NO to promote Louisiana economic growth

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - President Barack Obama has arrived in New Orleans for an event promoting economic growth in the area.

One political analyst said the visit could help to smooth relations between the president and Louisianans.

The latest Gallup Poll shows Obama's approval rating around 40 percent. According to experts, his rating is even lower in Louisiana and this trip could help that.

Political analyst Jim Engster said addressing economic growth and other hot-button issues could help the president gain support he and the Democratic Party need going toward the 2016 elections.

The event in New Orleans is focused on growing the state and national economy by increasing exports from our nation's ports. Louisiana has five of the country's top 15 ports. Engster said a visit to Louisiana is a smart move by the administration.

While New Orleans is a long-time Democratic holdout in a red state, the trip could help the president's approval in other parts of Louisiana.

Obama will also likely discuss the Affordable Care Act and the troubled website.

Engster added re-gaining support on healthcare will be a key factor in Democratic US Sen. Mary Landrieu's run for re-election next year.

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