Legislators speak out against RSD & out-of-state charters

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some Louisiana legislators attended a meeting Thursday morning to voice their concerns about charter providers, federal funding and the recovery school district.

They said millions of federal dollars are being funneled to the RSD and out-of-state charters, but with no real success, at least in Baton Rouge.

Officials said they are now chiming in because the announcements made in the last few weeks about two East Baton Rouge Parish schools being closed and the out-of-state charters that will be in charge of five others really was the last straw.

The group said it is not in opposition to parental choice, but advocates of informed choice. The officials said things were not fair because they were left out of these conversations.

For example, Rep. Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, said he is on the advisory board for the Baton Rouge Achievement Zone and when the RSD began talks of closing Istrouma High and moving those students to Capitol High, he wasn't informed until two hours before they held a news conference.

BESE member Carolyn Hill said the charter that will lead Capitol High next year, Friendship Academy, was not approved last year for a charter because it didn't meet the requirements. However, this year it was awarded with a school.

Legislators at the meeting said they will have file bills in the upcoming session to address these issues.

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