Louisiana woman uses Facebook to find long lost brother

DONALDSONVILLE, LA (WAFB) - The Kimberly Vasquez story will be told during a national television appearance on the Steve Harvey show. But on Tuesday Vasquez told her story to WAFB-TV.

Vasquez was told her twin brother died during childbirth. Her birth mother would later give up Kimberly as well. But after a relative told her her brother was alive, she started her search on Facebook. "39,000 shares and I turned it off after that...it was all I needed," says Vasquez.

Of the 39,000 shares was a producer with "The Steve Harvey" show who contacted her. "They offered  to help me and said we will help you. We're interested in your story. It's a story of hope and inspiration," she says.

Then a few weeks ago during the taping of the show she finally met her brother, Dave Flagmeier. She was nervous, understandably. "At first I couldn't move and then when I saw him my heart felt like I'm complete. You hear that all the time about twins but this was really a missing piece something inside of me was missing," she says.

"When I saw him I just...it was like everything made sense and it didn't matter about our past. I just knew when he was walking towards me...he was walking toward our future," says Vasquez.

Now she relishes in her newly expanded family. "He's gone, we thought he was dead for a long time so this is like...not that he's resurrected it's going to be a celebration," she says.

The Steve Harvey show airs at 10 a.m. on WAFB.

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