Doctors say dog set on fire continues to recover

Doctors say Zoie is recovering from her burns.
Doctors say Zoie is recovering from her burns.

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Zoie, the 8-month-old Wirehaired Terrier that was intentionally set on fire, is recovering and doing well.

"(Zoie has) lost more skin from her legs and paw pads, which we expected," said Dr. Katrin Saile, assistant professor of LSU's Veterinary Surgery. "Her spirits are good and she is eating a little bit on her own. Her white blood cell count is higher than it was. Her proteins are low, so she is on medications to help increase those."

Zoie now has a soft collar around her neck to keep her from licking her wounds.

Animal control investigators said Zoie's bedding was set on fire last Thursday by the neighbor's 9-year-old boy. The dog suffered second-degree burns on her paws and underbelly.

Thanks to donations, Zoie was transferred to the LSU Vet School, where doctors are monitoring her wounds and progression around the clock and changing her bandages.

The boy will not face criminal charges because Louisiana law states any child under 10 years old cannot be charged. The first thing needed to prove a criminal charge is intent and officials say a child under 10 cannot logically come up with criminal intent.

"Criminal intent simply is the formation in your mind that what you're about to do is about to cause harm or is about to do an act that causes consequences, and the children do not understand about the consequences," said Sclynski Legier from the public defender's office. "They may understand about the harm, but they don't understand about the consequences."

Meanwhile, Beth Brewster with Companion Animal Alliance said four people have now signed up to adopt Zoie and donations continue pooring in with nearly $1,900 collected so far for Zoie's medical care.

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