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Venue safety expert: LAX shooting tragic, but no need for change


A venue safety expert says Friday's shooting at LAX International Airport is tragic, but safety protocol does not need to change.

"What happened at LAX, while tragic, shows that the security that was at LAX worked," said Steven Adelman. 

Adelman points out that armed security and police were able to take down the suspect quickly, and he says security measures worked as planned.

"The weapon came in from a public space and was stopped at the line of defense, which is TSA itself, and the shooter was taken down by other law enforcement that were in the area," he stated.

Adelman says the shooting appears to be an isolated incident, and national talk about changes to airport security should be carefully discussed and debated. He points to other recent large events and gatherings without serious incident.

"Saturday, there was in the city of Boston the Red Sox Rolling Rally [to] celebrate their World Series victory. [It was a] huge downtown event [with] a million people on the streets. Nothing happened. No incidents of significance at all," said Adelman.

Despite his belief changes to airport security are not necessary, Adelman says travelers should still prepare for delays at checkpoints.

"Security may take a bit longer. [Travelers] may see more people in uniform, and they ought to take comfort in those things. Because it means not only are they being checked, but everyone is also. So one man's inconvenience is everyone else's safety," he said.

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